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2018 Team

McNeal Named All-State

Matt Stuve

Head Girls Basketball Coach

Phone: 262-502-7161

Shane Cox

Assistant Coach


"When you give a girl a basketball, you give her more than just a ball. You give her a sport, and a talent, and hope, and dreams, and friends, a second family, a place to learn about life, room to grow as a person where she can push her limits, and bravery, and courage and LIFE, and memories. And she will have ALL of these things, simply because you gave a girl a basketball and a jersey!

Then one day, many years from today….she will be in her room and a basketball will roll out from an old dusty gym bag. And she will pick it up and realize instantly that when you gave that girl a basketball, you also gave her a childhood that she would never forget. And you realize that everything you gave up along the way…..was worth it!"